thrive in five

a five-day strategic goal-setting program for creative entrepreneurs

Discover how to set strategic goals for 2022 so that you can achieve more by focusing on less.

with katie wussow

It's time for a fresh start

Congrats on making it through another year in business! Whether this was a great year or a hard one, you’re ready to start the year with some clear goals and fresh energy.

But that’s easier said than done. When it comes to setting goals for business, there are a few things working against you:

You’re already struggling to manage your time and not sure how to add goals to the mix. Even if you could find time to set goals, you aren’t sure how you will be able to work on them consistently.

You aren’t sure how to set goals when everything is so uncertain.  You’d love to really challenge yourself, but you aren’t sure what you can realistically achieve.

You have so many ideas, dreams, and plans for the business that it feels impossible and overwhelming to narrow it down.

The idea of going after specific goals...feels terrifying. Owning a business is hard enough; you aren’t sure you want to add “goal failure” to the list of frustrations.

Is fear of failure holding you back?

A lot of creative entrepreneurs have the WRONG idea about goal setting. They think goal setting is about being able to predict exactly what is going to happen.

But predicting the future is hard. And you are afraid of what will happen if you get it wrong. You do NOT want to set a goal and then fail to reach it.  

For some people, this fear of failure prevents them from setting goals at all.

Most business owners set goals the wrong way

Even when people get over their fear of failure, a lot of creative entrepreneurs set goals the wrong way. Most of the time they set goals like a DOER or like a DREAMER.

The Doer

Doers only set goals that are SAFE, REALISTIC, and COMFORTABLE.

Goals are LIST OF TASKS and not outcomes to achieve.

Doers worry about how to be more productive so that you can DO more.

The Dreamer

Dreamers only set goals that are LOFTY, ASPIRATIONAL and LONG-TERM.

Goals are inspirational but impractical and lack clear action steps. 

Dreamers worry about the right mindset to MANIFEST their goals.

Doing and dreaming Are not's time to get strategic

As business owners, we need a new approach to goal setting that isn’t just the tasks we want to do or the dreams we want to manifest…We need to set goals that are clear, strategic that we can take practical action steps to achieve them.

Imagine how you will feel with clear and strategic goals for your business. What would it be like if you wake up in a few months and...

Wake up every morning and feel excited and inspired by your work. 

Work from clear goals and well-defined action steps to achieve them.

Define success on your own terms and not based on the things other people are chasing.

Focus completely on the most important things and feel confident saying no to the rest.

No longer stress about stuff that doesn’t matter – Like followers – and instead focus on the results that really matter.

Setting and achieving strategic goals is possible

...Even if you don’t know what’s realistic.
...Even if you don’t have a lot of time
...Even if you aren’t great at following through.
...Even if you aren’t sure what’s realistic.
...Even if you’ve never done it before.
...Even if you’re just getting started in business.

thrive in five

A five-day, strategic goal-setting course for business owners to help you achieve more by focusing on less

with katie wussow

About five years ago, I was incredibly stuck in my personal and professional life. I knew I wanted to start my own business, but the fear of failure and overwhelm was completely paralyzing. I felt like I was at the bottom of a really tall mountain and wasn’t sure how to start climbing.

In that hard season, my husband suggested that we go through a goal-setting program together. For the first time, I translated my vague dreams into a specific and tangible outcome that I wanted to achieve: I wanted to make $8,000 from my new business in three months.

I'm Katie Wussow, Coach for Creatives

and goal-setting is the reason I have a business.

Making my goal clear and specific helped me to take consistent action steps in the right direction. I made my first $8k, and my business has kept growing ever since. Now I help other creative entrepreneurs translate their biggest dreams into clear, strategic goals. And then I help them get there.

I loved Thrive in Five! Sitting down and building up plans and goals for my year in small daily steps made an overwhelming task more manageable. I could have believed I would get around to goal setting eventually, but this forced me to actually sit down and do it. Bonus points for Katie making the whole process enjoyable and getting to do it alongside other people! 

What clients are saying about thrie in Five

Emilee, wedding filmmaker

I would recommend this program to another creative in a heartbeat. It saves you so much time! Katie has taken the time to create a process for you to work through that is detailed and highly-motivating. If left to my own devices, I wouldn't have been able to see the bigger picture in my business. 

Jena, Designer

In such a short time she was able to lead our team to the most efficient and effective restructuring of goals and time management. 

Avery, floral designer

here's what you get when you sign up

Thrive in Five is a five-day, step-by-step course that will help you set strategic goals for the next year of your business. 

5-Day Goal-Setting Workshop

I will host a daily 30-minute workshop via Zoom that will walk you through the process of setting goals for 2022. These sessions will be Monday through Friday, December 13-17 at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. 

Immediately following each daily workshop session, I will host a virtual co-working session for participants to take immediate action on what they learned. The Co-Working sessions will last 30-60 minutes per day.

Daily Co-working Sessions

Implementation Workbook

This printable PDF workbook will give you daily exercises and prompts to implement what you learn. 

connect with the big picture

Day 1

Here are the topics we will cover on each of the days.

On the first day, you will take a step back and refocus on the "why" behind your business. You'll review and reflect on your purpose, core values, long-term vision, and personal priorities.

learn from the past

Day 2

You will do some structured and focused reflection on the last 12 months in your business. You will sort through the wins, losses, and lessons from 2020 so that you can get closure and make adjustments moving forward.

Narrow your focus

Day 3

Days one and two are all about brainstorming. On day three, you will start to narrow in on your focus areas for the year. You will identify key priorities to focus on so that you can stop trying to do #allthethings and focus on what matters most.

set strategic goals

Day 4

On day four, you will translate your priorities into clear, measurable, and strategic goals. At the end of day four you’ll have between three and seven goals that will define success for your business in 2021.

Define first steps

Day 5

Setting goals is one thing...achieving them is another. On day five, you’ll do the work of setting yourself up for success. You will define your motivation, your first steps, mindset shifts, and your STOP DOING list so that you can follow through.

Define first steps

Day 5

Setting goals is one thing...achieving them is another. On day five, you’ll do the work of setting yourself up for success. You will define your motivation, your first steps, mindset shifts, and your STOP DOING list so that you can follow through.

get the support you really need

Enroll as a VIP and get everything listed above, PLUS
one month of group coaching

I’m offering a VIP group coaching experience in the month of January for clients who want extra help getting started with their goals. VIP clients will get four group coaching calls, every Thursday at 1:30 PM in the month of January.

VIP clients will be able to ask questions and get feedback on their 12-month goals.

January 13 - 90-Day Planning

Session 2

Katie will help clients translate their 12-month goals into an actionable plan for the first quarter of the year.

January 20 - Time Blocking

Session 3

Session 1

Katie will help clients develop a time-blocked schedule so that they have time to consistently work on their goals.

January 6 - Goal Feedback

January 27 - Weekly review

Session 4

Katie will teach a weekly planning ritual that will help clients stay on track with their goals throughout the year.

Your Investment

Enroll in Thrive in Five choose the level of support that works for you.



Includes group coaching

Amazing value!

I have no problem dreaming big dreams, but when it comes to the practical steps it will take to get there, I’m often paralyzed. I was honestly a little skeptical going into working with Katie, wondering if it would really change that, and holy macaroni it did. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a purpose, a direction, and goals I can strive toward with detailed actions to take. I can honestly say I’ve never had a clearer direction for my business.

HEre's what katie's clients really think

Jessica, Photographer

Katie's mentorship is a breath of fresh air in a sea of confusion. She helped me gain clarity in my business that was extremely important for going through a re-brand.

matthew, videographer

I have had more success in my business during my first year than what I thought was possible. I know that this wouldn't have happened as quickly if I had not worked with Katie as my business coach!

Rebecca, event planner

Achieve more by focusing on Less

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I know what you're thinking...I don't have time for this!

Let’s face it...It’s hard enough to do the things you already know you need to be doing to grow your business. It’s hard to make the time to set goals, much less work on those goals consistently throughout the year.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list, making goals won’t make things worse. It will probably make things better. The reason you are overwhelmed might be BECAUSE you don’t have clear goals that you’re working toward. You’re trying to do #allthethings without a focused direction and clear plan.

Setting goals won’t make you less busy, but it will make sure you’re busy with the right things.

I Know What You’re Thinking (part 2)...I’m Not Really a “Goals Person”

You might feel like goal-setting is for other kinds of people, not you. It’s for high-achieving, Type-A, Enneagram 3 types who keep 97 planners and don’t know how to relax.

Well, I have to say I’m guilty as charged.

But I also specialize in breaking down goal-setting to make it practical, accessible, and doable, even if it’s not really your thing.In fact, I led a goal-setting session in the past where someone came up to me afterward and said, “I normally hate these kinds of things. But I loved this.”

Aren’t really a goals person? That’s great. You’re who I LOVE working with.

You've got questions, I've got answers

1. Who is this for?

This program is designed for solopreneurs and small business owners of ALL kinds -- product-based businesses, service providers, course creators, influencers, bloggers, and more. A lot of my programs are designed with service providers in mind, but this program is more inclusive, which is really exciting. It is also for any level of experience, whether you are established in business or just getting started.

2. What is the time commitment?

During the week of December 13, 2021, each daily workshop will be no longer than 30 minutes. I estimate that you’ll spend 30 extra minutes implementing what you learn. If you add it up, you will spend five hours coming up with goals that will guide you for the WHOLE YEAR.

3. What if I miss a day or can't complete the lesson on the assigned day?

All of the live-taught sessions will be recorded and accessible through an online training platform. You will have access to all of the recordings and materials until the end of January 2022.

5. What if I want to set some personal goals that included?

If you would like to include some more personal goals in your business goal-setting process, you certainly can. A lot of my clients like to include goals related to work-life balance in their strategic goal-setting process. But the intent of this program is to primarily focus on setting goals for your business. If you want a program specifically tailored to personal goals, let me know and I will happily pass along my recommendations.

4. I like to do my goal-setting after Christmas...can I still do that?

If you want to save the content for a later time, you are welcome to do that! The lessons will be waiting for you when you are ready.

A Final note from katie

Helping people translate their dreams into strategic and practical action steps is my favorite thing to do.

As we enter into a season of generosity and gift giving, I’d encourage you to give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence going into next year.  I hope we are able to work together to make 2022 a breakthrough year in business.

Achieve more by focusing on less

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