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Thrive Program


You Started Your Own Business. What’s Next?

You’re an independent creative running your own business. Congratulations — so many women dream of doing what you have done. Now the question is...where will you go from here? 

Maybe you want to keep growing your business, but you aren’t sure how. Maybe you are exhausted from working too much and need more work-life balance. Maybe you haven’t been able to figure out how to make the business work financially. Or, maybe you are full of ideas but struggle to take meaningful action toward your goals.

Wherever you are, the Thrive Program can help you take your business from temporary hustle to long-term sustainable.

What We’ll Cover




“One of the greatest benefits of this program is simply having someone else on my team. It has been so refreshing to verbalize all of my hopes and dreams to someone who is business minded, trustworthy, and has my best interest in mind.”
— Catherine, Artist & Illustrator

In the Thrive Program Catherine was able to:

  • Increase her annual sales by 48% while spending 20% less time in the studio.

  • Create margin that enabled her to spend more time refining her craft, pursuing personal and commercial projects, and staying on top of business admin tasks.

  • Expand her product offerings to diversify her income.


“Having Katie as a constant mentor, guide and sounding board this year has been invaluable: I gained concrete solutions and support for the real issues in my business.”
Daniela, Interior Designer

In the Thrive Program, Daniela was able to:

  • Earn 40% more profit in the third quarter than the first and second quarters combined.

  • Create a process for evaluating new clients that enables her to confidently turn away clients that are the wrong fit.

  • Maximize time spent on design work by developing solid processes for time tracking, invoicing, proposals, sourcing, and other business admin tasks.


“My head is full of so many ideas, client needs, and deadlines that I easily become subject to the tyranny of the urgent. Katie asked good questions and really listened to me in order to help me articulate and prioritize goals. Now I have clarity.”
— Lauren, Interior Designer


“The creative world is filled with business coaches handing down broad prescriptions, but Katie's approach is personal, focused and practical. Business planning with Katie has already resulted in not just more clients, but the right clients. She’s given me a level of confidence I've never had in my business.”
— Megan, Photographer

Cove Social Session redit-0064.jpg

“I went from a one-woman freelancer to a team in only a few months! She helped me step out of the details and and really look to the future, establish realistic goals, and make my vision become a reality. Katie is one of the best things I have done for my business in four years.
— Rachel, Graphic Designer



How does the program work? The program includes three main elements, listed below. All sessions will be conducted as video conferences.

  • Initial Planning Sessions: Clients will begin the program with four one-on-one planning sessions with Katie. Sessions will last approximately one hour each and be approximately one week apart. Prior to each planning session, clients will complete 1-2 hours of prep work by following self-guided Thrive training modules. 

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions: Clients will have a formal planning session with Katie at the end of each quarter that they are enrolled in the program. Prior to each planning session, clients will complete a half-day of review and reflection by following a self-guided Thrive training module. 

  • Office Hours: Clients are invited to schedule additional time with Katie during office hours reserved only for Thrive clients. During these sessions, we can discuss tactical-level business issues in more detail (e.g. a specific e-mail or social campaign, website update, sales/client vetting process).

What packages are available? There is a three-month and a six-month option for the Thrive Program. The up-front business planning and goal-setting is the same in both programs. The six-month program will include an additional three months of enrollment, during which clients will have access to Thrive office hours and will also receive an additional quarterly planning session.

How will I interact with Katie from week to week? The formal planning sessions are the core of the Thrive program. However, Katie will also be available to Thrive clients during business hours via email, phone, or text for questions and informal check-ins. In addition, during the office hours we will have the opportunity to discuss tactical-level business issues in more depth.

What are you looking for in the application? There are no hard-and-fast criteria for participation. However, we are looking for participants who have the capacity, commitment, and availability to fully engage with the program.

What happens after I apply? Our team will reach out to you to schedule a discovery session with Katie. After the discovery session, if you and Katie agree that the program is a good fit, our team will send the contract and invoice. Participation is confirmed once the contract is signed and initial invoice is paid in full.