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Online coaching program designed to build buzzworthy businesses

Thrive Business Bootcamp is the signature group coaching experience from Katie Wussow that helps creative entrepreneurs make a consistent income doing what they love. 

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Oh,           , finally something that’s not just another online course!

sweet nectar

No, absolutely not just another course. This high level, sweet-as-honey experience is geared toward growing your business to be sustainable and profitable. We will help you develop a solid, foundational plan for your business. And we won’t just tell you what to do - we will actually help you get it done.

“Serving people is the best way to earn influence.”

– Jeff Goins

hey there, busy bee.

Where are you on this entrepreneurship journey? 

You started your business to make a living doing what you love. You are talented, passionate, creative, and hard-working...but you still wonder if you are going to be able to make this work long-term.

You struggle with marketing and aren't getting  the right clients

You are working a lot of hours but not making enough money.

You feel scattered an unfocused, crossing a lot of to-dos off of the list but not making much progress.

You know you need to be working "on" the business, but you don't know what to do or where to start.

All of this has left you feeling discouraged, burned out, and wondering whether full-time entrepreneurship is ever going to really “work” for you.

You need more than talent to build a business

You probably know by now that talent alone isn’t enough to make your business work. But it feels like all you are doing is throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

Growing your business by doing more instead of focusing on a specialty.

Lowering your prices, taking on projects that are too small, and saying “yes” to everything just to make money.

Piecing together random marketing tactics that you see other people using.

Spending hours creating content and visuals that don’t bring in clients.

Staying busy with to-dos but not making consistent progress toward clear goals.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, how impressive your portfolio is, or how many followers you have. You can’t build your business without a solid plan.

Building a Profitable Business Is Possible for You

...Consistently attract the right clients
...Focus on higher-paying work instead of small jobs
...Quit your other jobs and focus on your business full-time
...Take advantage of the flexible lifestyle of entrepreneurship
...Go from scattered and unfocused to balanced and in control

But you're going to need a plan. A solid business plan allows you to:

Thrive Within the Hive

In the group coaching program, you will join with other passionate creatives to build profitable businesses. 

What You'll Get Done in the Program

Thrive Business Bootcamp is my signature, 12-month group coaching program to help creative entrepreneurs make a consistent income from their business. In this program we focus not only on giving you education about how to build your business...we also provide the support you need to implement the strategies you learn.

Create a proactive marketing plan to get clients consistently

Develop the right service packages that are priced for profiit

Implement the systems you need to scale sucessfully

In this program you will create and implement a solid plan to make your business profitable. You will...

Clarify the long-term vision of your business

Define a clear niche

Set clear goals and develop practical action plans to achieve them

What Former Busy-Bees are Saying

I have totally up-leveled my client base.

“After 6 years in business, I stopped getting client inquiries. The only people reaching out were clients I had no interest in working with. I had no idea how to move forward; I even started interviewing for full-time jobs.

The Thrive Program helped me get focused on targeting the clients I really wanted. Since then, I have totally up-leveled my client base, bringing in three design projects with budgets of over $150k. I've reconnected with my passion for running my business.”

Kate, Interior Designer

“I knew I wanted to turn my passion into a business, but I was so overwhelmed by starting from scratch. I did a lot of daydreaming about what I wanted to build but wasn’t taking any concrete steps.  

This program the jump start I needed. It is the perfect crash course in business for a first-time entrepreneur. In the first two months since joining, I have launched my business, defined my ideal client, and have made over $15,000 in sales. I know that I’m heading in a strong direction.”

I have made over $15,000 in sales.

Jennifer, Art Consultant

Get the honey scoop on the program

Thrive Business Bootcamp is a high-support coaching experience that isn’t just about giving you information...we are about helping you get things done.

Online Business Planning Course

The Thrive Business Planning Course will give you the foundational knowledge and strategies you need to grow your business. In this 8-week course you will develop a strategic and actionable plan for every area of your business.

Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

When you join Thrive Business Bootcamp, you get access to our private community of all current clients. This group is an invaluable resource to encourage and support you as you build your business.

Quarterly Implementation Workshops

Katie will host a 1-2 day implementation workshop once per quarter to help you get impactful work done to build your business. These workshops aren't focused on information but implementation. The 2022 workshops will be:

March – Networking & Pitching
June – Your DIY Website
September – Topic TBD
December - Thrive in Five Goal-Setting 

Monthly Group Coaching

You will have 12 months of group coaching with Katie and the other members of the program so that you can have the accountability and support you need to actually implement your business plan. Coaching support will consist of:

Group coaching sessions (1x per month)
Office hours for 1:1 help (2x per month)
Voxer support (unlimited)

“I was accepting any and every client that came my way, even if it wasn’t the right fit. Despite working too many hours for stressful clients, I was barely scraping by financially.  

Thrive helped me narrow my focus and get 100% clear on my niche. I doubled my rates and kept all of my repeat clients except one. I landed a new client that will bring in nearly $10,000 in business. But most importantly, I have NO client stress. I'm in the best mental state I have been in for a long time.”

I started working with better clients

Portia, Event Planner

“Before Thrive, I struggled with self-doubt and wondered if I have what it takes to grow a business. My booking was stagnant and I didn't know how to fix it.

After putting my plan in place, I’ve grown sales by 30% this year. I’ve raised my prices, booked more clients, served them well, and reinvested what I’ve made back into the business. The more time that goes by, the more confident I feel that I can do this.” 

Megan, Photographer

I've grown sales by 30% this year

“I had no problem dreaming big dreams, but when it came to the practical steps it would take to get there, I was paralyzed. I would spend my work time scrolling through social media and hoping I would get inquiries.  Now I have direction and I’m truly productive every day. This puts my mind at ease and helps me relax when I’m with my kids.”

I’m truly productive every day.

Jessica, Photographer

I Know What You’re Thinking..."I don't have time for this!"

You probably don’t have time to do all of the things you ALREADY KNOW you’re “supposed” to be doing to grow your business. You don’t need to add more to your already full plate.

So, let me say plainly, the purpose of this program is NOT to give you more things to do. Creating and implementing business plan isn’t about doing more…it’s about getting more focused and streamlined so that you can ACCOMPLISH more by actually DOING less.

Being in this program won’t make you less busy. But it will make sure you are busy with the right things.

Make a living doing what you love

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I know what you're thinking (Part 2)..."I'm not ready for this"

One of the biggest limiting beliefs that holds aspiring creative entrepreneurs back is, “I’m not a business person.”

You think business is some mysterious, complicated, intimidating field that is for power suit-wearing MBAs, not us regular people. For some of you, even enrolling in a program like Thrive Business Bootcamp intimidates the pants off of you.

You think business is scary, complicated, and intimidating. But I help people see that business is simple and fun, even for us regular people. In fact, Thrive Business Bootcamp is specifically designed to help someone with NO business experience or background. 

You may not feel ready. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t.

3. What’s the time commitment for this?

This is a really common question - a lot of people are worried about investing in a program that they don’t have time to participate in. 

The online trainings will take a few hours per week. Depending on how quickly you go, you should finish in around two months. Almost everyone is able to complete the modules within three months, even my clients with full-time jobs.

The group coaching calls last about 90 minutes every month. The implementation workshops will be 1-2 days every quarter.

You've got questions, I've got answers

1. What exactly is a "creative entrepreneur"? Who is this for?

This program is specifically designed for service-based creative professionals, such as interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, fine artists, copywriters, stylists, event planners, etc. It also works well for other service pros, like coaches and consultants.

The program is NOT a good fit for the following: product-based businesses, musicians, filmmakers, social media influencers, bloggers, retail shops, network marketing, or brick-and-mortar businesses.

2. What if I need 1:1 help?

I'm so honored that you would want to work with me! I offer 1:1 coaching on an extremely limited basis. If you’re interested, you can book a call to chat about it. 

BUT I transitioned to a group coaching model because ultimately, I think it is much BETTER for my clients. 99% of the problems you are experiencing as an entrepreneur are NOT unique. Most creative entrepreneurs in the early stage of their business are going through the same challenges. Group coaching allows you to learn not only from me, as the coach, but also from others going through the same process.

Last, TBB offers a lot of opportunities for 1:1 help and feedback. I added office hours and voxer specifically to help people in a more personalized and customized way.

4. I don't have a business yet. Can I still join TBB?

If you haven’t launched your business or worked with any clients, TBB might not be the best fit. I have some other opportunities to support you - just email me at

5. How often do you open the program?

It’s important to me that people join this program when they are ready. Because of that, I keep the program open year round. You can join anytime, and your 12 month commitment begins when you join.

6. How much does it cost?

The investment for Thrive Business Bootcamp for 2022 is $3000. There is a payment plan available that allows you to pay $300 per month for 10 months.

A Final note from katie

Helping people translate their dreams into strategic and practical action steps is my favorite thing to do.

I’m passionate about helping other people make their passion into a business. I hope you join me in this program to make 2021 your breakthrough year in business.

It's time to build a business that works

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