Thrive Business Bootcamp

Online coaching program designed to build buzzworthy businesses

Thrive Business Bootcamp is the signature group coaching experience from Katie Wussow that helps creative entrepreneurs make a consistent income doing what they love. 

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Oh,           , finally something that’s not just another online course!

sweet nectar

No, absolutely not just another course. This high level, sweet-as-honey experience is geared toward growing your business. We will help you analyze your own business practices, learn from what works and what doesn’t, and how to adjust accordingly.

As you switch from creative mode to scientist mode, you will take a step back and evaluate your own business objectively. Build from what works. Learn from what doesn’t. Repeat. 

“Serving people is the best way to earn influence.”

– Jeff Goins

hey there, busy bee.

Where are you on this entrepreneurship journey? 

Maybe you aren’t getting enough good clients or you feel like you are spread too thin across too many small projects. Perhaps you don’t know how to market your business consistently, and you really want to work "on" the business... but you don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you want to start contributing more income to your family or you want to know how to be more productive with your time. 

Does it feel like your business has hit a wall?

Maybe it hasn’t even gotten off the ground?

Are you still a dreamer stuck in a soul-sucking day job wanting to finally make enough to follow your passion full-time?

Are you tired of working weekends on your business, which has started feeling like more work than passion?

You can keep going as you are, taking on a ton of work and burning yourself out on small, low-priced projects OR you can learn the strategies for long term growth.

“Before Thrive, I struggled with self-doubt and wondered if I have what it takes to grow a business. My booking was stagnant and I didn't know how to fix it.

After putting my plan in place, I’ve grown sales by 30% this year. I’ve raised my prices, booked more clients, served them well, and reinvested what I’ve made back into the business. The more time that goes by, the more confident I feel that I can do this.” 

I’ve grown sales by 30% this year.

Megan, Photographer

Thrive Within the Hive

In the group coaching program, you will join with other passionate creatives to build profitable businesses. 

What You Get When You Join

Thrive Business Bootcamp will help you develop a solid plan for your business so that you can make a consistent income doing what you love.

This Sweet Offer Includes

Get instant access to the Thrive business planning modules, containing over 30 video trainings, workbooks, and templates, which will give you the provide foundational business knowledge you need to develop a solid business plan.

Lifetime Access to the Thrive Business Planning Modules

You will get 12 months of access to group coaching calls with Katie to help you as you put your business plan into action. Katie also hosts monthly office hours to provide further support to TBB clients.

12 Months of Access to Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Get access to a private community of your fellow Thrive Business Bootcamp members to answer your burning questions and support you as you build your business.

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What Former Busy-Bees are Saying

I have totally up-leveled my client base.

“After 6 years in business, I stopped getting client inquiries. The only people reaching out were clients I had no interest in working with. I had no idea how to move forward; I even started interviewing for full-time jobs.

The Thrive Program helped me get focused on targeting the clients I really wanted. Since then, I have totally up-leveled my client base, bringing in three design projects with budgets of over $150k. I've reconnected with my passion for running my business.”

Kate, Interior Designer

“I knew I wanted to turn my passion into a business, but I was so overwhelmed by starting from scratch. I did a lot of daydreaming about what I wanted to build but wasn’t taking any concrete steps.  

This program the jump start I needed. It is the perfect crash course in business for a first-time entrepreneur. In the first two months since joining, I have launched my business, defined my ideal client, and have made over $15,000 in sales. I know that I’m heading in a strong direction.”

I have made over $15,000 in sales.

Jennifer, Art Consultant

Get The Honey Scoop On the Modules

Module 1: Long-Term Plan

In Module 1, you will develop a clear vision that aligns with your values and will give you confidence to know your business will grow into exactly what you want it to be. 

Envision your future

We’ll push you out of your comfort zone to really dream about what the future of your business will look like in 10 years.

Define your purpose

We’ll push you out of your comfort zone to really dream about what the future of your business will look like in 10 years.

Identify your values

You’ll identify the characteristics that you want to remain true of your business as it grows and thrives.  

Module 2: Marketing & Sales Plan

Now you’ll need to get clients. But not just any clients: the right clients. In this module, you are going to develop a simple but effective marketing strategy that will help you consistently get clients that you are thrilled to work with. Here’s how we’ll get you there:

Define your niche

We’ll help you get clarity as to what your niche is and who is your ideal client so you can develop your entire business with this client in mind. Targeting your ideal client allows you to always do your best work and helps you to avoid the wrong clients.

Generate leads

In this module, you’ll learn a simple but effective framework that will help you generate leads for your business. We’ll help you develop a funnel for your leads and you’ll develop calls to action to move them through your funnel without feeling salesy. 

Perfect your sales process

Leads are great, but we need to convert them into sales. We’ll help you develop a structured sales process that will consistently move your leads from inquiry to discovery to proposal to contract. You’ll also learn how to politely weed out prospects who wouldn’t be a good fit for your services and who would only end up wasting your time.   

Module 3: Pricing & Financial Plan

It is now time to look at how you price your services and your business’s overall financial plan so you can be sure you are profitable as you grow. Here’s how we’ll get you there:

Service packages that sell

Streamlining the amount and type of packages you offer to your clients makes everything in your business so much easier, from selling, to pricing, to internal processes.

Pricing beyond the hourly rate

We’ll look at pricing structures and guiding principles for pricing so that when we get into the real numbers, you’ll have some better direction. You’ll choose the right pricing structure for your service, the one that is fair for you and the client, is clear and easy to communicate, and is appropriate for the work that you are doing.

Pricing for profit

We’ll help you price your services so you cover ALL of the costs of your business. You’ll be confident that every project you take on will be profitable. 

Simple financial plan

You’ll develop a simple (but powerful) 12-month financial plan for your business. This helps you get clarity about exactly what you need to do to make your numbers work for the coming year and make your business sustainable for the long-term. 

Module 4: Systems to Scale

If you want your business to run smoothly, you need systems. But don't worry, these systems aren’t TOO complicated. They are just the right amount of complicated. Here’s how we’ll get you there:

Systems approach

We’ll teach you a systems approach to your business that helps you make everything in your business run smoothly. Overly complicated technology, excessive automations, and expensive software NOT required.

Core systems

Every business needs an accounting system, a customer relationship management system, and a task manager. They don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be there.

Task manager

A creative entrepreneur has so many balls in the air. Without a good system to manage your various tasks, it is too easy to start dropping one (or more) of these balls. We’ll recommend a few good digital task manager programs that will help you to stay on track

Module 5: Goals and Progress

If you don’t have a solid implementation plan, the chances are high that your shiny new long-term vision and awesome new business model will just remain words in your Bootcamp workbook and not the blueprint you use to construct an amazing business. Here’s what we’ll do: 

Narrow your priorities

But to make real progress, you are going to have to take one step at a time. We identify the most important strategic issues for you to focus on in the coming year. 

Set strategic goals

Now we need to make those priorities tangible and actionable. Here, we set specific and strategic goals in relation to your priorities for the coming year. These are the concrete things you will accomplish in the next year as you work on your top priorities.

Create a weekly plan

Here you’ll learn how to turn your 90-day plan into a realistic weekly plan that accounts for all of your outstanding projects, tasks, and calendar items while also making sure you are taking specific steps to implement your 90-day plan.

Create a 90-day plan

This will be your specific and doable 90-day plan. You will break up your goals into concrete tasks that move you in the right direction.

“I was accepting any and every client that came my way, even if it wasn’t the right fit. Despite working too many hours for stressful clients, I was barely scraping by financially.  

Thrive helped me narrow my focus and get 100% clear on my niche. I doubled my rates and kept all of my repeat clients except one. I landed a new client that will bring in nearly $10,000 in business. But most importantly, I have NO client stress. I'm in the best mental state I have been in for a long time.”

I landed a new client for nearly $10,000.

Portia, Event Planner

business from scratch course
$197 Value

Plan Your Perfect Week Workshop
$47 Value



Check out these 

In addition to the course, coaching, and community that you get in the #thrivehive, you will also get access to the following bonuses.


Business from Scratch is a step-by-step course that will help you launch your business and land your first clients. If you’re joining Thrive Business Bootcamp at the very beginning of your business journey, BFS will help you get a jump start.

In this workshop, I break down my proven time-blocking process so that you can balance a full life and growing business. If you struggle with time management, this is for you.

marketing masterclass series
$297 Value


In this workshop series I’m bringing in friends and colleagues to help TBB members deepen their marketing expertise. From web design, to messaging, to sales calls, and networking, these subject matter experts will help you get the right clients.

Your Investment

When you factor in lifetime access to the course, coaching, and community, plus the value-packed bonuses, Thrive Business Bootcamp is easily worth thousands. But you can join today for just...

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$1997 one-time

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$197 per month

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for 12 months

Save 15%

“I had no problem dreaming big dreams, but when it came to the practical steps it would take to get there, I was paralyzed. I would spend my work time scrolling through social media and hoping I would get inquiries.  

I’ve booked up my calendar for 2019 and am halfway booked for 2020. Not only that, but because I have direction, I’m truly productive every day. This puts my mind at ease and helps me relax when I’m with my kids.”

I’m truly productive every day.

Jessica, Photographer

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