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Thrive Program

Thrive Program for Creatives

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You know where you want to go.

You want a growing, sustainable business that can support you both creatively and financially. But there’s a problem: you know the destination, but you don’t have a roadmap. Between your own million creative ideas, and all of the external noise telling you how to grow your business, you are left spinning your wheels and wondering if all of this “hustle” is going to take you to your destination.

Let’s make a plan to get there.

The Thrive Program helps creatives make a clear plan to confidently build the business of their dreams.


How It Works

The Thrive Program is a one-on-one business coaching program that walks you through the following three-step process.

  1. Make a Plan

  • Clarify your big-picture “why.”

  • Solidify your business model, including pricing and financials.

  • Define a 12-month plan and goals.

  • 4, one-on-one planning sessions

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2. Do the Work

  • Take action on your plan each week with proven workflows and templates.

  • Be accountable to weekly check-ins.

  • Receive on-call support and feedback.


3. Reflect & Reset

  • Review and reflect on quarterly results.

  • Celebrate your progress and reset your focus on your goals.

  • Create your next 90 day plan.

  • 1 quarterly review session.


What You’ll Gain


  • An actionable plan that you can confidently execute

  • High accountability to follow through

  • Focus and clarity in the day-to-day

  • Less time wasted on ineffective and irrelevant strategies

  • A business model that rewards your hard work financially


Results & Testimonials

Daniela, Interior Designer
Catherine, Artist & Illustrator

Daniela, Interior Designer

  • Grew profit by 40% in 6 months.

  • Created a process to confidently say no to the wrong clients.

  • Maximized time spent designing through creating processes and systems.

Catherine, Artist & Illustrator

  • Increased annual sales by 48% while spending 20% less time in the studio.

  • Created margin that enabled her to spend more time on personal work.

  • Expanded her product offerings to diversify her income.


“My head is full of so many ideas, client needs, and deadlines that I easily become subject to the tyranny of the urgent. Now I have clarity.”
— Lauren, Interior Designer


“Business planning with Katie has already resulted in not just more clients, but the right clients. She’s given me a level of confidence I've never had in my business.”
— Megan, Photographer

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“I went from a one-woman freelancer to a team in only a few months! Katie is one of the best things I have done for my business in four years.
— Rachel, Graphic Designer