Four Steps to Launch your business and land your first clients

...WITHOUT a website, a following, seed money, testimonials, tons of time, or a background in business.

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Dreaming About Your Business is Easy. Starting from Scratch is HarD.

Congrats! You've decided to start a business that allows you to make money doing what you love. You know that your skills and expertise can help people, and you’re ready to put yourself “out there” and start serving.

The problem is you have no idea how to turn your dreams into practical action steps. What is it actually going to take for you to start getting paying clients?

The best way to set up your business so that you can focus on finding clients.

Why you don't need to waste time creating a pretty feed or fancy website.

The most important Thing to know about your ideal client to start attracting them.




This free training will help you turn dreams into dollars

How to leverage your existing Network to get your first clients in the door.

The best way to convince your prospective clients to take a chance on you.



In this free LIVE training, I’m sharing the exact four-step process that my clients and I used to start our businesses from scratch and land our very first clients.
This process is ridiculously simple and ANYONE can do it. You’ll discover…

This is for you if...

You are ready to start your business but you don't know the steps you need to take. 

You’ve set up your business but haven't gotten any clients yet.

You struggle with imposter syndrome and are wondering if this is going to work out.

I help passionate and talented creatives transform from frustrated freelancers into thriving entrepreneurs. In my work, I translate nearly a decade of corporate strategy and finance experience into practical solutions that anyone, even someone with ZERO business background, can understand and apply.    

"Katie demystified owning a business by showing me that it's not magic or luck that makes you successful, but a clear plan with practical action steps."
– Megan, Photographer

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Discover a simple four-step process to launch your business and land your first clients.

Join me on March 23, 2021 at 10 AM Eastern Time. (Of course there will be replay for those who register!)

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