Coach to Creatives





"She knew exactly what I needed."

Pricing my services as a graphic designer was something that was holding me back from growth and opportunity in my business. After working with Katie I felt so relieved. She was able to break everything down; now I understand WHY I charge what I charge and I'm confident that it's a fair price for my services!

- Heather, Hale House Creative

"Her time with us was a game-changer."

During her time working with us, we moved our business into a new location with much better visibility and access with room to grow and scale.  If it feels like there’s a hump to get over, there probably is, and Katie can help you creatively leverage what you’re already doing and take your operation to the next level. 

- Justin, For the City Network


"She was more than just a consultant! She was a partner."

Katie was able to act as an actual business owner would, taking on analysis as well as helping to provide insight and suggestions. Most importantly she worked directly with the business owner to bridge the gap between raw financial data and real-life decisions.

- Ivan, Vanilla Orchid Catering


"Katie really gets creative entrepreneurs."

Katie is easy to talk with. She is very knowledgable but not condescending. She taught me things I didn't know about running a business and equipped me with some really cool tools to use going forward.

- Lara, Bobo Workshop


"Now I have clarity."

My head is full of so many pressing ideas, client needs, and deadlines that I easily become subject to the tyranny of the urgent. I knew I needed to focus on some clear goals for the next year or two of my business; Katie asked good questions and really listened to me in order to help me articulate and prioritize goals. 

Lauren, Lauren Ramirez Styling & Interiors