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the pep talk: What you need more than creative inspiration


Twyla Tharp, a world-renowned choreographer, does the same thing every day. She wakes up at 5:30 am, puts on her gym clothes, and walks outside of her Manhattan apartment to hail a cab to the gym. After a two hour workout, she comes home, handles admin work for an hour, and then works alone in the studio for two hours. In the afternoon she leads rehearsals with her dance company. Her evening ritual is to have an early dinner and then spend a few hours reading before bed.

Twyla is a living example of the fact that structure allows creativity to flourish. Her entire life is a ritual, so she doesn’t have to spend mental energy thinking about what she is going to do. Instead, all of her energy can go into creating. 

If you’re feeling stifled creatively, you might not need inspiration or motivation; you might need to give yourself more structure.

Here are three ways you can create structure in your days as a creative entrepreneur.

  • Rhythms – Create a workday start-up and shut-down ritual to prepare your body and mind for work and rest.

  • Schedule – Set real office hours, and stick to them.

  • Systems – Invest in systems that can organize and automate your business tasks.

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the pep talkKatie Wussow