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the pep talk: a simple goal-setting hack


There are a lot of things on my life bucket list. I’d like to have a vacation home someday. I’d like to travel across South America and see Macchu Picchu and the Patagonia and the Amazon. I want to have a garden and grow my own vegetables.

My bucket list is a collection of dreams. I hope they happen, but if I’m honest, I’m not taking any action to make them happen. They aren’t goals yet.

Dreams are things that we want to happen. Goals are things that we are committed to make happen.

A big mistake that I see people making in their businesses is not turning their bucket-list dreams into tangible goals.

Here’s a simple, but powerful, way to take your goal from a wish to a commitment. Write your goals down, and review them (or even re-write them) every day. Writing your goals has a powerful impact on your ability to reach your goals because:

It makes your goals tangible and specific.
It keeps your goals in front of you consistently.
It helps you internalize your goals deeply.

Write those goals down today, and then commit to taking action to make them happen.

All my best,

the pep talkKatie Wussow