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the pep talk: the biggest thing holding you back


There was a line of kids waiting behind her as she tiptoed all the way to the end of the diving board. Her friends were cheering from the sides of the pool. I was reminding her how strong she has become as a swimmer. Even the lifeguards were encouraging her to step off the edge.

Even with all of these encouragements, Maggie didn’t jump off the diving board that day. Or any day this summer.

Fear, when we are facing genuine danger or harm, can be a helpful emotion. It’s arguably a good thing that my 8-year old is hesitant about jumping off of a ledge into 12 feet of water.

But fear becomes a problem when it prevents us from pursuing our goals. In fact, I think fear is the biggest obstacle that prevents YOU from getting the results you want in business.

Not time.

Not money.

Not talent.

Not circumstances.


You are afraid of not knowing how it will work out if you jump off that ledge. So you sit in the status quo where maybe things aren’t perfect, but at least you feel safe. As a result you continue…

Working too many hours for too little money.

Trying to be “all things to all people” instead of defining a niche.

Avoiding the hard work of creating systems and structure to scale.

Not taking yourself of your business seriously.

Complaining about your lack of results instead of taking meaningful action to influence your results.

I know that your goals – whether spoken or unspoken – scare you. My goals scare me, too. But fear isn’t helpful here because fear wants you to stay safe and cozy in the status quo. Fear wants you to stay where you are.

If you feel afraid, that’s ok, and even expected. Just don’t let fear keep you from jumping.

All my best,

the pep talkKatie Wussow