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the pep talk: you may be sabotaging your creativity


Professional athletes put just as much care and effort into their recovery as they do into their training. Their approach to physical therapy, eating, sleeping, and even their mental health is just as “intense” as their most challenging training session. They understand that you don’t get stronger when you’re training, you get stronger when you’re resting

Rest is an essential ingredient to performance not just for those who work with their bodies, but for people like us who who work with our minds. Simply put, if we want to be effective long term, we need to take rest as seriously as we take work. Here are some places you can start:

  • Organize your work day around intervals of creative, focused (or intense) work and ordinary (or relaxed) work.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Take at least one real day off per week.

  • Take extended time off.

  • Spend time doing things outside of work, like reading, playing a sport, or engaging in a hobby.

An amazing thing happens when we rest – we get more creative. How often have you gotten ideas while sitting in traffic, on the treadmill, or peeling vegetables? How often have you found the solution to your problem when you aren’t looking for it? How much better do you perform when you’ve slept than when you haven’t? 

Take some time to rest this week. Your work won’t suffer for it.

All my best,