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the pep talk: an unexpected way to boost creativity


As entrepreneurs with full lives, we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. The solution, we think, is to get more time. We look for time on the margins of our lives by putting in more and longer days, and getting less sleep, hoping that the extra time leaves us feeling ahead rather than hopelessly behind. 

What if the way to accomplishing more isn’t by putting in more time, but by being more creative with the time we have? Everyone has limited time, whether you work 5 hours per week or 50. Our tendency is to see time as limiting and restrictive; but, research shows that constraints actually boost creativity. People who have limited resources come up with more creative solutions to problems than those who have abundant resources.

What does it look like to embrace the constraint of time instead of fighting it? Practically speaking, it looks like setting and abiding by real office hours. I believe setting real office hours as an entrepreneur is critical to work-life balance and good rest. But on top of this, it can make us more creative.

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