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the pep talk: are you struggling in your business?


The people who persevere in doing hard things are the ones who endure uncomfortable, unpleasant, and even painful situations for the promise of a future reward. In more blunt terms, they are the ones who can “sit in the suck” until they succeed.

It’s the marathon runner who trains at a painful pace.
It’s the medical student who stays in on a Saturday night to study. 
It’s the business owner who doesn’t draw a salary this quarter.
It’s the artist who continues to paint in spite of low sales.

People who endure difficult circumstances to achieve a promised future reward understand, first of all, there is no shortcut to their goal that doesn’t include difficulty, discomfort, and even pain.  

They also understand that struggle isn’t just something to be endured; it’s something to be embraced. Just like running at an uncomfortable pace transforms the body of an athlete, enduring difficulties can transform us into stronger, wiser, and more capable versions of ourselves. 

If you’re in “the suck” right now, the bad news is that there probably isn’t a way around it, only through it. The good news is that the struggle is producing something amazing in you. Don’t just endure it, embrace it.

All my best,