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the pep talk: have you ever said this?


Limiting beliefs are sneaky. They attempt to take our temporary struggles and turn them into permanent features.

I’m not a numbers person.

I’m too introverted to network.

I’m not good at following through.

I’m a people-pleaser, so I can’t say no.

Oftentimes we hold these limiting beliefs about ourselves for a long time without even realizing that they are holding us back from pursuing goals and growth.

A powerful tool to combat limiting beliefs is replacing them with growth-oriented truths. 

I’m learning how to manage money.

I’m great at forming genuine connections with a few people.

With some focus and effort, I can follow through on my ideas.

I can serve people better by turning down clients who are the wrong fit.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? What is the growth-oriented truth that you can plug in as its replacement?

All my best,