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the pep talk: the real secret to success (hint: it's not a "following")


One of my most vivid memories from the early days at the consulting firm was looking through my boss’s gigantic three ring binder full of business cards. He had hundreds of business cards diligently arranged and carefully annotated with people’s birthdays, kids’ names, and favorite restaurants.

When I was just a clueless college intern, I was fascinated that my entrepreneur lady-boss took notes about people that she met and maintained a complex system of reminders (before Siri existed) to follow up with her contacts. (She still emails me every single year on my birthday, even though we haven’t spoken in years.)

Both of these individuals have built incredibly successful careers in business without a following, an audience, or a platform. They have built their success on the basis of intentional relationship building with people in real life.

How can us new-school entrepreneurs embrace these old-school relationship-building techniques? I’ve put together some ideas on the blog.

Read here for my Four Simple Steps to Introvert-Friendly Networking.

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the pep talkKatie Wussow