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the pep talk: are your reasons just fear in disguise?


I was speaking Alt Summit last week and had the pleasure to meet so many new women that are doing inspiring and meaningful work. However, in a sea of small talk, one conversation stands out: the one in which I told my new friend Monique that I'm planning to launch an online course.

“Why haven’t you done it yet,” she asked.

I proceeded to fumble around for my reasons as if I had misplaced my keys. I just know they’re in here somewhere...

When I finally produced some sort of answer to her question, Monique wasn’t impressed. “It sounds like there is some fear there,” she said with quiet authority that made me want to hide wherever my lost reasons were.

Most of you, like me, have something you dream about doing, but you never get around to actually doing it. Of course, we have our reasons.

...I can’t launch my course because I need to update my website first.

...I can’t launch a podcast because my audience is too small.

...I can’t go to networking events because I’m an introvert.

...I can’t collaborate with that person because I’m not skilled/experienced/artistic/well-known/confident enough.

I wonder if a lot of our “reasons” are actually disguises for the real reason we haven’t moved forward: fear. Sometimes we have good reasons to not do things, or to wait for the right time to do them. But fear isn’t one of those good reasons.

Keep putting your work and your ideas and your whole, authentic self out into the world, friends. It will be scary. But don’t let fear masquerade as a legitimate reason to hold back.

All my best,