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the pep talk: my why is helping you share your gift


This week I spent time with a nail technician named Nina who talked about her work the way that we all might hope to talk about ours. She told me how satisfied and happy she feels whenever her clients come in feeling self-conscious and leave feeling beautiful. “I love being part of the transformation,” she said. (These were her exact words.)

Watching Nina paint my nails was a reminder that all of us have gifts. Whatever your gift might be – whether making feet look beautiful or writing computer code or designing a living room – the world is better when you share it with the rest of us.

Your business is the vehicle that allows you to share your gift with the world. My gift is helping your business thrive so that you can keep sharing it. I love being part of its transformation from short-term hustle to long-term sustainable.

Thank you for reading these emails – I hope they serve you as you share your gift with the world.

All my best,

the pep talkKatie Wussow