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the pep talk: is instagram stressing you out?


Social media is a big source of stress for the creative business owner. We fret over what to share, when to share it, and how to manage it all without staring at our phones all day.

The reason we are so stressed about social media (most of the time) is that we don’t have a clear goal. I’m not talking about a goal for your follower count. Instead, I’m talking about a goal that measures whether your social media strategy is effective at creating real results in your business. As a result, we end up spending a ton of time on our feeds without knowing why we are doing it or if it is even making a difference. And that is stressful.

In other words, stress comes from not having a plan. 

If you want to take action toward peace in this area, spend a few minutes today thinking through the following questions about your social media strategy.

  • (Purpose) What purpose does social media serve in my business?

  • (Goal) How can I measure success?

  • (Plan) What actions do I need to take to achieve my goal?

Happy scrolling,

the pep talkKatie Wussow