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the pep talk: the tension between thinking big and starting small


Entrepreneurship requires living in a constant state of tension between where you are and where you are trying to go. Between the long-term vision and the short-term reality. Between thinking big and starting small. It means…

  • Pitching speaking gigs when someday you want them to pitch to you.

  • Living with your website when you desperately want to re-brand.

  • Doing things yourself that someday you will hire someone else to do.

  • Breaking down your big goals into the first tiny step.

Living in this tension is hard, and sometimes it hurts. But this tension isn’t ultimately hurting us, but helping us. Sitting in this tension is what is training us for the long road to our big dreams. Each small step in the tension not only gets us closer to where we want to be, but it also makes us stronger in the process.

All my best,

the pep talkKatie Wussow