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the pep talk: are you a notebook addict?


Hello, my name is Katie, and I am addicted to notebooks. I can’t resist the beautiful designs and the smooth stroke of a sharpie pen on crisp paper (dot grid or blank pages ONLY please).

Relying on pen-and-paper organizational systems is a great thing…unless your love of paper results in having too many places where you keep track of your stuff. If your tasks and projects live in five different notebooks, a pile of post-its, and a half-used Trello board, you don't have organization. You have chaos.

My business decluttering tip of the week is this: pick a single system for keeping track of your tasks and projects, and fully commit to it. Whether it’s bullet journaling or Asana, you need to choose a single system that you fully use and can really trust.

HIT REPLY and tell me how you stay organized?

All my best,


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