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the pep talk: declutter your business this spring


I’m excited to announce the first-ever monthly series to my Pep Talk readers. Each email in the month of April will focus on Decluttering Your Business. Forward to a friend that needs to follow along!

It’s an incredible time to be a small business owner. We have an unprecedented number of resources and technology available to us that allows us to do more, better.

But, this also comes with challenges. Namely, we are consuming information at a rate faster than we can apply it, and the result can sometimes be overwhelm instead of empowerment. All of these “resources” can start to feel more like unhelpful noise than helpful tools. 

If you want to simplify and declutter your business this month, start with cutting the noise and simplifying the information you are consuming. Here are some steps to guide you.

  • Narrow your focus to one or two topics that you are interested in learning about. Make sure these topics are in alignment with what’s most important and strategic in your business right now.

  • Unfollow and unsubscribe from any podcasts, blogs, social media accounts, audiobooks, or other content that are outside of these topics. If this makes you feel panicky, make a list of things you want to come back to at a later time. 

  • Set aside specific times for research and business education. This will allow you to explore new information in a focused an undistracted way that leads to application. (It doesn't have to be a lot to make an impact.)

If you go through these steps and find them helpful, don’t be a stranger! Let me know how decluttering your business impacts not only your productivity and effectiveness, but your state of mind. 

Happy decluttering,