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Business Coach + Finance Teacher                              

Meet Katie Wussow

I teach early-stage creative entrepreneurs the foundational financial and business strategies they need to turn their passions into profits.

My goal: help you feel confident in your ability to lead a thriving business. 

Dream big. Make a plan. Do the work.

My mission is to help passionate creatives (who still can’t believe they can get paid doing what they love!) earn enough to support the life they want. 

Company Story

I earned my degree in Finance and Business Honors from the University of Texas before going to work for SAIC Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure (later called Leidos) as a financial + strategy consultant. After being recognized as a Rising Star in my first year, I became one of the company's youngest project managers.

But despite my early success, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my heart lies not with municipal governments and big business, but instead with something smaller, something more... meaningful. When I started my own consulting practice in 2017, I was drawn to the energy and passion of creative entrepreneurs. 

In an industry that creates so much beauty in the world, that inspires others to also follow their passions, I recognized a need for my unique skills. I realized that, perhaps, in my own way, I can contribute. 

"By helping creative businesses to thrive, by guiding entrepreneurs beyond the hustle to a restful place of success, I am creating my own kind of beauty. "

– Katie

As a business coach, I function as the savvy business partner you've always wanted - the numbers girl who knows how to analyze and strategize.

How i help

Since discovering that my heart lies with creatives, I have started my podcast, The Game Changer, where I talk about ways that creative entrepreneurs can combine smart strategy with personal development to create game-changing results in life and business.

As a coach, I have developed Thrive Business Bootcamp, an online group coaching program geared at creative entrepreneurs who lack a background in business so that they can learn the right steps to take for making significant improvements in their business. 

This is not just another online course. 

If you’ve been warned about or scammed by high-ticket coaches who overpromise and underdeliver, that’s not my gig. 

You’re following your passion, and my passion is helping you do it. 

This is coaching + online support designed to help you take your business to the next level.

In the Bootcamp, I get to work side-by-side with creatives as a partner, helping you to achieve real (profitable) results while thriving creatively and personally. 

Read this: it's important

“Serving people is the best way to earn influence.”

– Jeff Goins

Your task: dream big and set scary goals.

My task: provide practical advice and support so you can crush those goals.

It’s time to get clear on the vision you have for your life and business. 

Financial planning ensures that you get paid what you need.

Anyone can learn business through easy-to-follow strategies.

Following your passion (with a plan) is so worth it!




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